• Make changes in your life to benefit your family
    Make changes in your life to benefit your family
  • Our specialized team is proud to share their own profit with clients
    Our specialized team is proud to share their own profit with clients
  • Our project is meant to protect and respect the environment with the latest hi-tech technologies
    Our project is meant to protect and respect the environment with the latest hi-tech technologies


The present General Terms and Conditions (or  The Agreement ) are entered into by and between  INTRACOMMERCE 29 LTD., which is registered in the Commercial register of the Republic of Bulgaria and which owns the iBull Trade brand and has the full rights to operate with the ibulltrade.com (or  The online portal ) domain, (hereinafter shall referred to as the  Company ) and the client (collectively shall be referred to as  Client  or  You ), based on the following mutual understanding. INTRACOMMERCE 29 LTD. shall not be held responsible for any contractual or other legal or factual relationships, agreements or liabilities that occurred from personal accounts, registered to the website ibulltrade.com before 4th of December 2018.  
Please take your time to read this Agreement, as the relationship between you and the Company is governed by this agreement.
You agree that you enter into a Contract with the Company under the present General Terms and Conditions (The Agreement) by creating a personal account on the website ibulltrade.com and paying an initial investment to the company under the present Agreement.
By participating in the cryptocurrency trade and exchange, you guarantee that you have read, understood and agreed that: (1) you have the capacity to abide by this agreement and the authority to decide to this agreement, (2) you are bound to these terms and conditions, (3) you agree to comply with all local rules and laws (3) you are specifically informed that investing in the cryptocurrency market is very risky as the price of every cryptocurrency is very volatile and that in case that you are not a financial professional you should take professional advice from a financial advisor or other relevant specialist before investing in the cryptocurrency business  .

1. Consideration
In consideration of the promises, the covenants and agreements herein contained and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged by the parties.

2. Copyright
All content included in or made available through the company s website, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations is the property of the company or its content suppliers and protected by international copyright laws. The compilation of all content included in or made available through any services is the exclusive property of the company and protected international copyright laws.

3. Severability
If Any provision or provisions of this agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with any of the law(s) of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

4.  Amendment of Agreement
The attachments, exhibits and the entire Agreement constitute a part of this agreement. No conditions or representations, altering, detracting from, or adding to the terms hereof shall be valid unless written hereon, or evidenced in writing by the company, in such case, the Client is obligated to inform himself on the modified Agreement from the company s website www.ibulltrade.com. In case of modification of this agreement the client is obligated under the modified terms unless he specifically informs the Company in writing that he disagrees with the modified terms within 3 working days from the modification.
By accepting this contract, the Customer confirms that he is not called upon to actively participate in any cryptocurrency trade and exchange business, but accepts responsibly, with his free will and on his own risk, that the Company directly manages its investments for cryptocurrency trade and exchange business.

5. Personal Data
The Client agrees that the Company shall collect and may request his personal data, including a copy of his identity document, name(s), date and place of birth, tax and/or social security number(s), bank accounts, e-mail address, financial and other relevant data for the duration of the contract. The Company may give any of the abovementioned data to local or international authorities upon request and if provided in local and international laws.

6. Entire Agreement
This Agreement constitutes the proposals and additional services provided by the Company, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements or understandings, inducements or conditions, express or implied, written or oral, between the parties. This agreement authorizes the Company to aggregate the Client, as a partner, to a pool of investors. The  profit from cryptocurrency trade and exchange, offered by the Company is as follows:

7. Capital
With the acceptance of this Agreement, the Client assigns and the Company accepts, against remuneration, to operate with the capital from the Client's personal account, by performing transactions on the cryptocurrency market on its own behalf, but at the expense of the Client, and for this purpose it shall dispose of and manage at its own discretion the capital provided by the Client, unless otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement. Against the so-provided management of the Client's capital for trading with cryptocurrency, the Company shall reimburse the Client the capital invested by him, together with a possible profit at amounts on a quarterly /three month/ basis and under the terms and conditions of this Agreement and in accordance with the Package selected by the Client, as follows:
i. BASIC: Investment from a minimum of 1.000,00 to a maximum of   4.999,00, the Company returns a monthly possible profit made up of 2,67% of the capital more than 8,33% of the total net income deposited, the total possible profit is equal to 11% monthly.

ii. STANDARD: Investment from a minimum of 5.000,00 to a maximum of   9.999,00, the Company returns a monthly possible profit made up of 7,67% of the capital more than 8,33% of the total net  income deposited, the total possible profit is equal to 16% monthly.

iii.  VIP: Investment from a minimum of 10.000,00 to a maximum of   20.000,00, the Company returns a monthly profit made up of 11,67% of the capital more than 8,33% of the total net income deposited, the total possible profit is equal to 20% monthly.
Any further profits that exceed the abovementioned shall be withheld by the Company as a remuneration for its services under this agreement, to which the Client expressly agrees. All payment and remunerations under this agreement are free from VAT taxation under the European law and in accordance with the Decision on Case C-264/14 of the European Court of Justice.
The Client shall have the possibility to withdraw his profits on a quarterly /three-month/ basis, calculated from the exact date of the activation of his personal account, and only in case that such profits have occurred, partially or totally at the expiry of the contract through the procedures contained in the contract.
It is also possible to use the profits generated monthly as a form of reinvestment, in this case the Client expressly authorizes the Company to use the profit as a reinvested capital to perform new trade and exchange activities on the cryptocurrency market, equal to the same investment and valid for a further 12 months.
In case the client requests his capital back although the funds have already been deposited in the client s wallet in his personal account, the company has the right not to return them to the client until the end of the contract, as the funds has already been used and spent for trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies and other activities, related to the transaction of the cryptocurrencies.
The client understands that the company intends to cooperate fully with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. This includes reporting suspicious activity.
The client agrees that they will pay the proper taxes on their capital gains, along with following the applicable laws where they reside.
The client agrees that parties shall first resolve their dispute themselves before any legal proceedings and such legal action will take place in the closest applicable court where the company resides.

8. Warranty and Representation
The warranties contained herein are the only warranties made by the company hereunder.  The company makes no other warranty, whether express or implied, and expressly excludes and disclaims all other warranties and representations of any kind, including any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement, the company does not provide any warranty that operation of any service hereunder will be uninterrupted or error-free.
Accordingly, the Company guarantees the initial capital invested by the Client, as well as any additional capital invested by the Client at a later time through his personal account, this guarantee does not include the capital reinvested by the revenues of the income and it also does not include a part of the initial invested capital or the additional capital, which is equal to the reinvested capital. In the event that the Client has instead withdrawn the quarterly  profit by partially covering the initial capital invested, the Company guarantees only the return of the difference in the initial capital paid in.
All the abovementioned investment packages include only a possible, but not guaranteed profit. The described possible profits serve only as a limitation to what amount of the factual profit that has occurred is owed to the client.
Regardless of the abovementioned, as the Company operates on the cryptocurrency market, it has the full right not to return the capital to the Client in case that there is a substantial decrease in the price of the cryptocurrencies, obtained with the Client s capital, until the capital is regained through further transactions on the cryptocurrency market. In such case the Company has the right to withhold the guaranteed capital for a period of up to24 months from the client s request.
In the event that the Client has withdrawn annuities that fully cover the guaranteed part of the capital invested, in accordance with the abovementioned, the Company shall be relieved of further capital guarantee obligations.
If the client agrees to reinvest the sum owed to him at the end of the initial 12-month contract for another 12 month-contract, the whole reinvested sum shall be fully guaranteed for the whole term of the new contract.
The Company complies with the latest security standards but does not guarantee the client to any form of a hacker s attack.

9. Contract's Terms
Except otherwise agreed, this contract, as well as any other Package activated through the reinvestment of the annuities, has a duration of 12 months from the beginning of the participation in the opportunity of the investment in cryptocurrencies.
At the end of the 12 months the customer shall receive the total capital or in case of loss   only the guaranteed capital in accordance with the abovementioned, together with any profits accrued and not withdrawn. In case that upon expiration of the contract the sum owed to the Client is bigger than  18.000,00 , the Company has the full right to pay the part of the sum exceeding   18.000,00 within 12 months from the expiration of the contract.
The Customer will decide whether to renew the contract for a further 12 months.
The Client cannot request the release of the invested capital paid before the contract expires but can release it entirely at the end of the contract.

10. Deposits and Withdrawal
The Company operates with the EUR currency ( ), therefore it accepts and sends funds only in this currency. In the event that a Customer sends funds using a different currency, the Company reserves the right to convert the amount into EUR by withholding any bank charges from the amount sent.
The Client can make his deposit by bank transfer or through any payment circuits present in the Company's online portal. The bank account details will be on the website and, upon payment, the Client must send the Company a copy of the payment receipt, including the amount he / she will pay plus the administrative costs described in  Fees and Costs.  .
To make the payment the client is required to follow all the information shown on the site. If these are not respected, the Company reserves the right not to accept the payment and to return it to the Client, debiting the net cost.
The Client can collect his profits through the payment circuit inside the website, by bank transfer and other payment methods indicated on the account registered to the Customer

11. Client Account
The Client opens a personal account within the Company's online portal, where he is able to monitor and manage his finances.
If you use any of our services, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.
Each Client may have only one personal account; if you open more than one account in your name, the Company will be authorized to collect all Client funds in a single account. The Client can use his account only and exclusively for personal transactions. It is forbidden to use the account on behalf of third parties. Once an account is opened, the Client will be required to consolidate his position by sending the deposit receipt.
If the proof of deposit is not provided within 3 months, the account will be closed without any notification.
Once the account has been confirmed, it is valid for 12 months by depositing the funds.

12. Transfer of Funds
In accordance with international standards for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, payment can only be made by the account holder.
The identification of the client and all the necessary information must be clear and specified in the payment receipt.
The amounts transferred by bank transfer will be deposited in the customer's account in the online portal after crediting the Company's account, net of any fees / expenses charged by the Client's bank.
The Company has the right to refuse the transfer of funds from the Client in the following cases:
> if the Client does not respect the information written on the website to make the payment and does not send the required documentation.
> if the funds have been transferred from third parties;
> if the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the person who transfers the funds is not an authorized person;
> if the rules of international money transfer are violated;
In all the cases mentioned above, the Company will return the funds received to the sender using the same method with which it received them, and the costs of the bank transfer will be debited to the Client.
By accepting our terms, the Customer gives consent and authorizes the Company to make deposits and withdrawals from their account, including the payment of all sums owed by the Customer to the Company.
Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, any amount due from Company to Client will be transferred directly to the Client's personal account.
The withdrawal requests made through the online portal will be taken over by the Company as follows:
The payment will be made within 7 working days following the quarter, as the quarter is calculated from the exact date of opening a personal account. The time required to credit the client's personal account will depend on the bank of the client.
The withdrawal requests will be processed exclusively through the method specified in the sampling section in the reserved area in the Customer's personal account.
The Company reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal request by a specific method and by suggesting another payment method. In this case the Customer must proceed with a new withdrawal request.

13. Costs
For any withdrawal of money by bank transfer, the Company will deduct transaction fees. The company suggests in the personal account a preferred payment method for withdrawing money.
If the Client prefers to use an alternative payment method, the Company will also deduct 5% (five percent) of the amount requested.

14. Anti-Money Laundering Legislation
The Company must comply with the laws, regarding the  prevention and repression of  money laundering activities.
Therefore, in order to verify the identity of the Client, the Company is obliged to request the following documents:
> a color copy of a valid identity card or a valid passport, front and back;
> a document certifying the residence of the client (bank statement, electricity bill, residence certificate or similar) uncut and legible with the date of issue not exceeding 3 months from the revision of this contract.
The Company may also ask the Client for information on how the invested funds have been obtained or accumulated.

15. Warranties of Client
The client represents and warrants as follows;
> the funds used to purchase the package are not the direct or indirect proceeds of unlawful acts or omissions or products of criminal activities;
> documents sent to the Company during the account opening process and for the entire duration of the contract are authentic and valid.

16. Additional Activities
All Clients who participate on the cryptocurrency market can introduce a friend, who wishes to  invest on the cryptocurrency market under the terms and conditions, provided by this Agreement, through their unique Referral Link that is automatically generated when the personal account is opened.
In this case the Company will reward this extra propaganda activity by recognizing a 10% monthly bonus only on monthly income generated by its direct acquaintance.
The Company expressly informs that no extra bonus will be paid on the investment and initial deposit of their direct or indirect acquaintances.
In the event that the person you referred has already registered and with an account created, should promote the company's program to other acquaintances by inserting them through their unique Referral Link, the main Client will be recognized an additional extra bonus of 5% on the monthly income derived from the acquaintance indirect.
It is expressly known that in order to receive the extra monthly bonus it is mandatory to have at least one active package of any amount by personal deposit or by using the provisioned credit. In the event that the Package has not yet been activated the bonuses will be set aside in the personal back office waiting to be used to activate a Package or be paid, under the same conditions of monthly income.
There are no limits for the insertion of direct acquaintances through your own unique referral link.
In specifying that personal income from cryptocurrency trade and exchange and extra bonuses will be counted and paid in separate management in the personal back office, we inform that in this case the Company is not responsible for payment of the tax obligations of the Customer in relation to any Income taxes or similar taxes under your jurisdiction on profits and / or trading of financial instruments will be the Customer itself

17. Arbitration
In the event of any dispute or differences arising out of or relating to this agreement the parties shall use their best endeavors to settle such disputes or differences amicably to this effect they shall consult and negotiate with each other in good faith and understanding or their mutual interests to reach an equitable solution satisfactory to both parties. This agreement shall be governed by the extant laws of Bulgaria.
18. Аmаndments
In the event of a change in the terms of this Agreement, the Company shall not be obliged to inform the parties by written notice or to enter into a new written agreement. The client shall bear his own responsibility to inform on any change in the terms of this Agreement from the company website   http://www.ibultrade.com/. In case of modification of this agreement the client is obligated under the modified terms unless he specifically informs the Company in writing that he disagrees with the modified terms within 3 working days from the modification.